Endorsements & Testimonials

Laura is endorsed by the following organizations:

The following comments have been offered from clients, constituents and others that have worked with Laura:

“Pure and simple, Laura Nordstrom is a superstar. She’s worked diligently and tirelessly for our community in West Hurley, liaising with state and local officials on our behalf to make it a more livable place. I’m personally in awe of her strong, smart voice, and grateful for her persistence, as well as her unflagging confidence and ability to get things done effectively. Onward, Laura!”

A. Gaudioso, West Hurley Neighborhood Association

“Laura combines smart, no-nonsense diplomacy with being an actionable doer with genuine compassion and common sense. She has a vision and clear ideas of how to level the playing field and advance an inclusive agenda.She also brings deep knowledge of how state politics works – and doesn’t work. Laura isn’t politics as usual. She’s all about equality and representing the interests of her community. To me, that’s the person you want to have by your side.”

M. Bournin, Owner – Escape Upstate

“Laura Nordstrom is simply one of the most impressive individuals I have ever encountered in any field; but her skills as applied to public service are nothing short of inspirational. She combines tireless drive, intelligence, empathy and political savvy to represent the interests of her community – and effect genuine change. I came to her as a sole citizen with what I thought would be an unsolvable problem that would garner little attention. She made me feel like my concerns were the most important item on her agenda, and actually managed to accomplish the impossible.”

T. Greenwald, Olive Resident
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